Italy – Positano and the Amalfi Coast

Coming from the dusty cobblestone streets of Rome, the quick hour train to Naples is your last city stop before heading out to the peaceful coastal playground of the Amalfi Coast. We were lucky to have found a really helpful AirBnB who arranged our taxi from Naples to Positano, our home base for the next 5 days. We would suggest reaching out to your accommodation to do the same. It’s very unlikely they would want your stay starting off by being Robbed by some unmarked taxi, so will provide good transport.

Our AirBnB was a short walk from our drop off point, down a few steps, and up a few more, you will soon get the theme of Positano. We cannot say enough positive things about our accommodation and more so for our host. The B&B VENUS Inn Residence is a beautiful B&B and Gippy is an outstanding host. (It’s worth it just for the breakfast, including handpicked oranges from his garden)


As for most day ones, it’s really about finding your feet and getting the lay of the land. We quickly understood we had not put enough work on the Stair Master at the gym. Where ever you stay will include some serious stair work. An evening at any of the restaurants will provide stunning views of the house lights scattered across the mountainside and calm waters. Make sure you get a room with a view, it makes that late night vino on the balcony that much more relaxing.


There are travels where every moment can be spent following trip advisors top 10 things to see and wear your flips down. Other travels can be like our day 2 in Positano, not a care in the world and the only choice to make, should we have the garlic shrimp for lunch, or just skip straight to the Gelato. Positano allows these days to happen far too easily. There’s a great coastal walk just by the boat ramp on the beach to accompany your Gelato and wind your way to tiny little coves along the way.

If you start planning your trip to the Amalfi Coast, the one spot you will constantly hear is the town of Sorrento. This is the biggest town in the area so we planned our day three to take the bus from Positano to Sorrento. This journey is not for the weak stomached! If the fear of tumbling down the side of a 1000 foot cliff face as the bus speeds around hairpin turns doesn’t get you, the endless winding roads for 40 agonising minutes will turn your stomach upside down. (This was a battle against my stomach for the whole ride, lovely views when I could get the energy to peek out the window).

Coming from the peaceful, tranquility of Positano, Sorrento could have been Times Square. Everyone had heard this was the place to be. There’s no real beach to walk along, just a bustling marina with the many European tourists who found Sorrento in the guide-book. This is the town where you stock up on your high-end shopping and Amalfi coast souvenirs. Pleasant enough, but highly suggest making your base camp in one of the smaller towns outside Sorrento… Somewhere like, Positano maybe. We used the “Purposely Wandering Splurge fund” to opt for the taxi return. Our stomachs thanked us, until we crammed it with pizza dough and rigatoni.

Having Scootered around Bali, (I did not, I just held on for dear life) we thought hiring a scooter on day three to zoom around the Amalfi coast would be the ideal transportation. After Jackie took one lap of Positano on the scooter with the owner of the company on the back, it was soon clear we were not Scooter ready for the Italian roads. Positano Car Service  were a great company and gave us the alternative option of a convertible smart car. This was much more our style.

This one is obvious, but a “Purposely Wandering Must See”. Absolutely stunning, every bend brought a new breathtaking view. We’ll let the photos do it justice! Wind your way to the town of Amalfi for some lunch, and have no shame in pulling over at every bend as the view gets better and better. If you have the time, make your way up the mountain to Castello. Worth every terrifying turn with, you guessed it, spectacular views and a charming piazza. Take. It. Slow! Depending if you want the endless views of the sunset to end your time in the Amalfi coast, or beach side dining with the lapping of the waves, Positano has it all.

If you have an early flight out of Leonardo da Vinci international, as we did,  we suggest spending a night in the airport coastal town, Fiumicino. Minutes away from the airport, and if you get there early enough, a beautiful stroll along the beach to say Ciao to your Italian adventures.

A tough place to say goodbye to, The Amalfi coast checks a lot of boxes that we look for in our perfect travel experience, Positano in particular. Small town living, oozing of Italian charm. Delightfully delicious. Another adventure, another lifetime of memories in our minds, in our hearts, and our phones every shortening photo storage.






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